Sales Support

Building and diversifying your business is easy when you align yourself with MassMutual. You will have access to our team of experienced estate and business planning professionals, as well as a wide range of sales ideas and concepts to help you grow your practice and reach new markets.


Advanced Sales Concepts

Estate & Business Planning

Consult with our large team of dedicated professionals who will work with you to design solutions to address the specific needs of your clientele. The team works in conjunction with your clients’ in-house and outside counsel, tax advisors and accountants in order to fully serve all of your client’s business, insurance and estate planning objectives.

Advanced Sales Concept Support

A clear understanding of your client's objectives and financial situation is key to any well-designed insurance solution. We'll work with you to design innovative product solutions to effectively meet your client's complex needs, especially in the business markets by providing you with:

Major areas of specialization:

  • Business planning
  • Executive benefits planning
  • Personal planning
  • Estate planning
  • Charitable planning
  • Care design consulation
  • Product recommendations
  • Advanced Illustration Support
  • Articles and content covering product and illustration capabilities.

Sales ideas to help you meet the needs of your clients

Every client has unique needs, and chances are, MassMutual has a solution that can help. To get started, access some of our most popular sales tools below for your next client meeting.


Retirement Supplement

A whole life insurance policy purchased by your client today to help protect their family or business may also help them prepare for retirement. Consider what whole life has to offer and how it can help them reach their retirement goals.

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Protect and Build Your Future

Show your clients the value of whole life insurance as a protection and accumulation product, using actual historical results to position whole life insurance as a complement to your client’s fixed income investments.

Protect and Build Your Future
Taming a Bear Market in Retirement

This sales idea illustrates why it’s important for your clients to have diversified sources of retirement income to help them weather varying economic conditions, and how whole life insurance can help.

Gift of a Lifetime

Show your clients how they can help the children in their lives take the first step toward their financial future by giving them a gift that can’t be outgrown – whole life insurance.


Interested in entering a diverse market? Consider MassMutual. MassMutual offers support for all the markets we serve including African American, Asian Indian, Chinese, Hispanic/Latino, Korean, and LGBTQ. Here are some examples of how MassMutual engages with, provides financial education and communicates to local communities.

Selling to multicultural markets: An introduction Content provided by Michael Soon Lee, MBA of EthnoConnect® This information provides an introduction to working and selling in multicultural markets. Remember that it is important to treat each person as an individual, regardless of cultural background. Being respectful and listening carefully are universally important when expanding your business into new markets.

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Together, we can build a strategy to help you secure your client’s future and protect the ones they love.